Josef is a designer focused at innovation and product development. He has recently graduated cum laude from the well known Design Academy Eindhoven. Within his graduation project he has developed a flexible, industrially knitted shoe that adjusts to the rapidly growing children’s feet. In 2016 he has completed one year internship in the lifestyle footwear department in PUMA in Germany.
His desire to discover combined with the top level creative education makes him a great fit for a footwear innovator and product developer.


The Design Academy Eindhoven 2011-2017
I have graduated cum laude (Running in Prison and The Very First Shoe) in the department of Man and leisure

Internship at PUMA.SE 2015-2016 ( 12 months )
the Sportstyle Footware department, Herzogenaurach Germany

Czech technical university 2010-2011
the department of industrial design


September 2017 “DRENTHE”, Together with Ketter & Co we have participated with my Running in prison project at the exhibition of in Nieuspoort in den Haag.
March 2015 “ARCHIVE OF KILLED DARLINGS”, I have Co -organized, co-curated and co-exhibited with Paul, Marlies, Teheresa, Ocèane and Clèmence.
October 2014 “HIDDEN TREASURES”, I have designed the shop for all the exhibitors. Exhibiting during the Dutch design week in Temporary art center in Eindhoven.
April 2014 “SPICY SPRING”, exhibition of the Design academy students in TAC curated by Josef Trojan
February 2014 “COLLECTIE VEENHUIZEN”, In de winter/salon, Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam. Collective exhibition of Design Academy student, I have exhibited “The table cloth for Herman”
November 2013 “BOUW EN BIND”, Veenhuizen, The Netherlands. Collective exhibition of Design Academy students, I have exhibited “The table cloth for Herman”
October 2013 “II.” by mafnes. , exhibiton during the Dutch Design week 2013 in Zona Ventosa
April 2013 “NIEUW”, I have exhibited the tongue drum (wooden instrument) made during the wood instruction course.


+316 29778840
or stop by in a studio in The Commune (M4H area in Rotterdam)



Just thirty minutes before reaching the summit of Aneto (the highest peak of the Pyrenees).

I strive to discover, to tap into the unknown, to challenge myself, to design.